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Calcified Lime +

Calcified Lime +

High specification soil conditioner based on Calcifert Lime, complete with humates, trace elements and more!

What is Calcified Lime+ ?

Calcified Lime + is a high specification soil conditioner based on our premium quality Calcifert Lime product. Calcified Lime +, combines with trace elements, humates (fulvic/humic) and plant bio-stimulants to improve plant and soil performance.

It is suitable for all crop situations requiring calcium and trace elements.


Benefits of Calcified Lime +

  • Rapid supply of calcium to soil and plants.
  • Fast pH adjustment, improving nutrient uptake.
  • Improved grass palatability, soil structure and soil microbial activity
  • Self-spread to 36m using standard spreader
  • Low application rates. Fine ground limestone means >99% reactivity.
  • A Neutralising Value of 54.


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