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Calcifert Sulphur

Calcifert Sulphur

One of the purest calcium sulphate products on the market - for arable and grassland soils deficient in calcium and sulphur

Calcifert Sulphur is a granulated calcium sulphate product from the makers of Calcifert granulated lime

Getting the balance right...

Calcium and sulphur are essential nutrients for crops and grassland.  Soil lacking in either of these minerals can result in poor crop performance and wasted fertiliser application.  

Calcium deficiency normally occurs on acidic soils where native calcium has leached. Sulphur deficiency occurs most often with high nitrogen fertiliser rates. If the supply of nitrogen is not balanced with adequate sulphur, the nitrogen available for crop use may be excessive in relation to sulphur and therefore underutilised. With sulphur being key to efficient nitrogen utilisation, and with ever-increasing fertiliser prices, ensuring farmers get the most from the inputs they apply is essential. Calcifert Sulphur is a quick and easy way to supply both calcium and sulphur to soil. 


Why choose Calcifert Sulphur? 

With a typical analysis of calcium as CaO: 39% and sulphur expressed as SO3: 56%, Calcifert Sulphur is one of the purest calcium sulphate products available on the market.  Calcifert Sulphur has a neutralising value of zero, meaning it won't affect the pH of your soil. Read the full product specification for Calcifert Sulphur. 

Calcifert Sulphur is available in 600kg bags and can be self-spread, making it ideal to target specific fields and perfect for precision farming. 

Trials of Calcifert Sulphur have resulted in:

Calcifert Sulphur has been spreader tested on various machines – view our latest spreader calibration data below.

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