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Calcifert Sulphur BZn

Calcifert Sulphur BZn

Address trace element deficiency as well as calcium and sulphur issues, with our calcium sulphate product combined with boron and zinc and which also includes humates and bio-stimulants.

Calcifert Sulphur is now available with added boron and zinc -formulated to meet the growing problem of boron and zinc soil deficiencies, as well as addressing sulphur shortages in soil and supplying essential calcium.

Calcifert Sulphur BZn helps to improves crop quality and yield, as well as the storability of fruit and vegetables through the supply of calcium. It is suitable for all crop types and, because it is applied to the soil and not to the leaf, it benefits the crop throughout its whole life.

Getting the balance right...

Calcium, sulphur, boron and zinc are essential nutrients for all crops, and especially for vegetables, brassicas and root crops.  Soil lacking in any of these minerals can result in poor crop quality and yield, and under-utilised fertiliser.

Calcium is essential for crop health and produce quality. Calcifert Sulphur BZn supplies soluble calcium in a form that will not alter pH, and is valuable in soils where the crop demand outstrips the ability of the soil to supply calcium.

Sulphur deficiency occurs most often with high nitrogen fertiliser rates (often linked to vegetable production). If the supply of nitrogen is not balanced with adequate sulphur, the nitrogen available for crop use may be excessive in relation to sulphur, and therefore under-utilised. 

Recent soil tests have shown that 4,000 UK soil samples were deficient in both boron and zinc.

Boron is essential for calcium uptake by the plant. It is vital for cell wall formation, sugar transportation, and the development of seeds and flowers. The presence of boron ensures effective nitrogen fixation and nodulation in legumes, and enhances the uptake of phosphate and potash. 

Boron deficiencies manifest themselves as ‘hollow stem’ in brassicas and leafy veg, ‘crown rot’ in sugar and fodder beet, and ‘internal blemish’ in potatoes. 

Zinc is essential for plant health. It aids the production of auxins - essential growth hormones - as well as starch formation and root development. Zinc is required for the formation of chlorophyll and carbohydrates, it increases the ability of the plant to absorb calcium, and plays an essential role in pollination and seed development. 

Trial work has shown that the presence of boron and zinc has a significant effect on the level of a large range of nutrients present in tissue analysis due to the improved vigour and cell development.

Why choose Calcifert Sulphur BZn?

Calcifert Sulphur BZn is a quick and easy way to supply calcium, sulphur, boron and zinc to soil. Calcifert Sulphur BZn has a neutralising value of zero, meaning it won't affect the pH of your soil. 

The Boron and Zinc in Calcifert Sulphur BZn granules is of uniform concentration, which enables precise and consistent application to the soil. This means both elements are available to the plant in the early stages of growth, which is essential for cell and leaf development and plant vigour. This availability also ensures Calcium absorption and transport is optimised. 

Supplying the Boron and Zinc to the soil has the significant benefit of being available as soon as the plant is growing, and not having to wait until there is leaf present to foliar apply. It is also more cost effective than foliar applications and avoids the complications of tank mixing these products. 

Calcifert Sulphur BZn also includes humates and bio-stimulants derived from green seaweed extracts, supplying both humic and fulvic acids to improve plant and soil performance.

Analysis and application 

With a typical analysis of Calcium (CaO) of 39%, Sulphur (SO3) of 56%, Boron (B) of 0.5% and Zinc (Zn) of 0.5%, Calcifert Sulphur BZn is one of the purest Calcium Sulphate products available on the market. Download the Calcifert Sulphur + BZn production specification sheet. 

A standard application rate of 200kg/ha will deliver 1kg of elemental Boron, 1kg of elemental Zinc, 64kg of Calcium as CaO and 112kg of Sulphur as SO3. This will meet the Boron and Zinc needs of most crops.

Calcifert Sulphur BZn is available in 600kg bags and can be self-spread, making it ideal to target specific fields and perfect for precision farming.

Download our generic Calcifert Sulphur + BZn leaflet here.

For more information on Calcifert Sulphur with added Boron & Zinc, please get in touch. 

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