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Calcifert supplies a range of easy-to-apply granulated products for the agricultural and horticultural sectors.

All of our range is designed to be applied via a conventional fertiliser spreader, making it quick and easy to treat either whole fields or specific areas. Calcifert is best known for its flagship granulated lime product, Calcifert Lime, a highly reactive and pure agricultural lime product, made using 100% British lime from the Peak District -  well-proven to effectively balance soil acidity and regulate pH in grassland and arable soils.

The Calcifert range

Recognising there were other nutrients that could be applied to the soil in this way, after launching Calcifert Lime, the team soon developed Calcifert Sulphur (granulated calcium sulphate) which supplies sulphur to the soil, an element that is ever-decreasing in availability in UK soils.  Further work with agronomists identified other common trace element deficiencies in UK soils that were locking up fertiliser and nutrient uptake. The range then moved on to include further variations on the two original Calcifert Lime and Calcifert Sulphur products, to help farmers and agronomists improve the analysis of their soil. The range includes products with added magnesium, boron & zinc as well as humates and bio-stimulants, all designed to optimise the efficiency of UK farms. Read about the trials we have carried out and farm case studies.

All products in the Calcifert range are made using a pure raw material, ground into a very fine powder and mixed with a soluble binder to create uniform granules which instantly dissolve upon contact with water. The easy application allows the products to be spread where and when it suits the landowner, especially useful for spot treatment of specific areas. In the case of lime, a farmer requires a fraction of the amount of product that would be required if using traditional lime and doesn’t need to wait for specialist contractors to come and apply lime to the land. All Calcifert products are supplied conveniently packaged in non-returnable 600kg bags for ease of handling. We have a dedicated agronomist who can advise on any technical queries you may have. Contact us for more information or visit our product pages to find out more about our range.

Part of LKAB Minerals

Francis Flower was formed in 1953 andspecialises in the reclamation of by-products from industry for onward use in construction and agriculture. The Calcifert range is produced at our Runcorn Docks site, in our specialist milling and granulation plant.

Francis Flower was acquired in December 2018 by LKAB Minerals.


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